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Garra Rufa Fish Pedicure Your Feet
My daughter and I visited 'Appyfeet' in Meadowhall, what an experience! It cost's 10 for 15 mins of immense tickling sensation, surprisingly after a few minutes you get use to it. When you get in the shop you have to fill a short form in after which you put your feet in a foot spa to pre rinse them. Once clean, you put your feet into an individual pod, then the Garra Rufa fish proceed to gently suck and nibble away the dry skin around your feet. After the 15 mins is over you dry your feet with a towel that is provided, and you can also use the different foot creams. My feet feel so smooth now. (By Deanne)
The leaflets which were handed out claimed that the 'unique' natural treatment leaves your feet 'healthy' and 'rejuvenated', which of course i can support the theory! It was a simple treatment but the idea of fish basically eating my dry skin baffled me at first, until i stuck my feet into the individual pods. It was a strange tingling sensation. It was like a vibrating floor. For a full 15mins the fish did their job and it didn't hurt at all. I removed my feet to find that they were soft, which felt fantastic! (By Eleanor)

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Louise’s Reviews

Any products I use and treatments that I have will all be on Here.

Skin Care Products

I had a Spa-To-Go Skin Therapy Class before Christmas and was bought some of the products as my Christmas present, I have been using their eye cream (Windows Of The Soul), neck gel (Exalt), treatment skin booster (Be Strong) and a relaxing night cream (Repose), I also got a gift for having a class in my home (A Taste Of Temple Spa) which had a few travel sizes of some other products including a cleanser and toner – I have been using them religiously since they arrived and have been pleasantly surprised with how my skin looks now! I wasn’t even going to do a review on them as I was considering adopting them for my mobile hair & beauty business and didn’t want to seem biased in any way or as if I was trying to push them forward above anything else. My skin has looked a bit rough with all the stress of last year so wasn’t really expecting much of an improvement so soon, I have to say I am impressed! I didn’t even use the second applicator of the Lisse Expert since after the 6 week trial it seemed to stop making a difference (even temporarily after application).

Facial massage and exercise works wonders for your face too, improves your skin texture and tone, I have been massaging every night with Repose, it really has helped me sleep. I used to use Olay 3 point treatment cream that has it’s own massage techniques to improve your skin tone so I was already doing the massage but I didn’t notice much difference after that either so didn’t buy it again. I am definitely going to use Temple Spa for my business and will continue to use them myself so I am not sure whether I will be trying anything else for the moment.

Temple Spa EXALT Firming Neck Gel

Date started – 23rd December 2009.
Testing – every day in the morning only, after cleansing and toning, on the neck, jaw-line and chest area. Massaging in upward circular movements to the chest, then up the neck all the way round until absorbed.
After 1 day – smoothed out the ‘V’ lines on my chest and rehydrated my neck, the cream/gel is really elastic and feels like it is supporting the skin.
After 2 months – whether it is a combination of the neck gel and the massage or not I couldn’t say, but my double chin has reduced! I haven’t lost any more weight but my jaw line definitely looks firmer. Going to continue to use it every morning for sure.

Lisse Expert Eye and Lip Care

YSL Lisse Expert Advanced Eye and Lip Intensive Anti-wrinkle Care

Date started – 3rd November 2009 for six weeks, which is generally how long the total process of skin renewal and regeneration can take up to.
Testing – every day, morning and night after cleansing, on the right eye only (which happens to be my worst for wrinkles) and lips. Applying in circular motions with the applicator on the lines of the lips and crows feet area and very gently on the under eye area and upper lid, sliding towards the outer corner. Gentle massage helps to improve blood and lymph circulation, blood system feeding every living cell and lymph system taking away waste and dead cells.
After 1 day – instantly on application crepey skin does look rehydrated and smoother, after one day was impressed with the results, my friend could tell which eye it was that I was testing on.
After 2 weeks – after cleansing, thoroughly examined both eye areas to see if there was a difference. It's difficult to tell, my right eye does seem to be ever so slightly smoother underneath, my eye-bag area has always been a little ‘lumpy’ looking and is smoother on my right. I don't have bad wrinkles round my eyes but I am definitely showing my nearly 40 years! I don't see much difference with the wrinkles and fine lines. Immediately on application fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.
After 4 weeks – no real change since the last time I assessed, although the weather has changed which usually causes my skin to dry out more, my lips have not dried up at all since using the Lisse Expert, they are in very good condition for the time of year as they are usually dry and cracking. My skin generally has become more dry and my left eye apears more lined due to the dehydration, although I still have the same lines around my right eye, it does look better than the left following application. I am still on the first applicator so it seems to be lasting well too, although only treating the one eye and lips I am taking the amount each time that you would normally need for both, that way my report is more realistic. Once this trial is over I will need to use it on the other eye so they look the same!
After 6 weeks – After thoroughly cleansing I had a good look to compare my eyes, in all honesty I can say that there is no significant difference – I have been under a lot of stress and the weather has changed, my skin has taken a general turn for the worst anyway, break outs and dehydrated. Although, it is ever so slightly smoother under the inner corner. The last few days I have used the second applicator, upon application today the eye area looks slightly more rehydrated.
Conclusion – Initially I was really impressed with the product but, after 6 weeks the effects are not as impressive as when I first started using it. The whole point of an anti-aging product is that your skin improves over time, it takes between 4 to 6 weeks for cellular renewal, hence the 6 week trial. For the 2 applicators it cost 34.00 and would last approximately 2 and a half months using on both eyes and lips. I would not buy it again as it has not done what the packaging promised, the fine lines, wrinkles and dehydrated looking skin has not improved at all, both eyes look pretty much the same. My right eye is still the worst.

Body Treatments

I am thinking of trying Hot Stone Therapy in the near future so watch this space!

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