Whether you just want to look after your skin, or improve the condition, a few simple steps is all that you need. If you would like to do everything you can to maintain youthful looks, there are so many treatments out there and with a good homecare routine it really can make a huge difference!

Beauty Salons offer pretty much the same in relation to the basic treatments such as manicures, pedicures, waxing, make-up and lash & brow tinting. Some have additional to these by offering specialized waxing, eyelash perming, individual lash extensions or false lash application.

Where Salons differ is their facials and body treatments determined by the product ranges they have adopted. No two people are alike and what works for one person will not necessarily work for another, which is why it is good thing that there are so many products and treatments out there.

The whole beauty scene can be so overwhelming even for someone who is trained in the basics of all treatments. Hopefully, this site will give you some of the answers you need to help you decide what you would like to indulge in. Each month there will be a write up for a treatment, detailing what it is for and the effects you can expect to gain from it, this will be on the Advice page.

We hope that it will make it easier for you to decide which treatment to try first!

Susan Marina Kiss
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Regular Treatments Facials, Lash & Brow Tinting, Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing, Body Massage and Sun-less Tanning.
Specialist Treatments Red Vein Therapy, Skin Tag Removal, Milia Treatment and Electrolysis.

Skin Types & Problems

Primary skin types are normal, dry, combination and oily, everyone has one of these types and the most common is combination, often with an oily T zone and normal or dry on the cheek area.

Secondary skin types are dehydrated, sensitive, blemished and mature – many people have more than just a primary skin type, you may have oily skin but also flaky, meaning it is lacking in moisture rather than oil, often caused by harsh products which can also make an oily skin type sensitive. This is why it is necessary to use products to treat the secondary type. Secondary skin types are not usually permanent, however, many people do have sensitive skin for life.

Problems could include conditions such as rosacea or acne which may be affected by anything that you put on your skin and medical advice may be required.


Cleansing Mini-Facial – usually takes up to half an hour and includes: make-up removal, deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask and moisturise. This type of facial should be done once a week, you could even do this yourself at home! See the Home Care Routine for a detailed description.

Deep Cleansing Facial – usually takes up to one hour and includes all the above with a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage, sometimes with the addition of an electrical treatment such as brush cleansing, vacuum suction, facial faradic muscular stimulation or galvanic, there are quite a few! This treatment is recommended once a month.


All Salons and Mobile Therapists offer anti-ageing treatments for the skin, whether it be promoting cellular renewal or lifting and anti-wrinkle. You can find Beauty Tips at the following link How to reduce wrinkles on the face.

Premature Ageing – even before the constant movement of the face produces permanent wrinkles, skin can become older looking before it's time. Factors adding to these early signs are smoking, over exposure to the sun without the needed protection, extremes of weather, using harsh products not suitable for your skin type, poor or no skin care routine, heavy make-up, poor diet, dehydration, excessive alcohol intake, stress, lack of sleep, in fact living in general can contribute and dryer skin types are more at risk.

Beauty products

There are many skin care ranges that offer a wide variety of products to suit all skin types and tastes. Each range offers their own values to beauty care from the natural botanicals, essential oils and aromatherapy to the more clinically tested with many active ingredients. Trying to find a range that suits your skin can be a lot of trial and error, especially if you are not totally sure of your skin type – others will see your skin in a totally different way and the best advice is to have a facial and skin analysis so that you now exactly what you need to concentrate on, also many provide samples of the products so that you can try them over a week to see how they feel. No matter which products you choose, this Home Care Routine will give you the advice you need, it also explains why we need to cleanse and tone.

If you would like to see what others have said about their favourite beauty products please see Reviews or why not write your own about your best buys! No matter which product type you have chosen to use, the following Skin Care Routines will suit all. Always use upward and outward strokes with your products and do check for any specific instructions as some masks or facial scrubs and exfoliators do require skin to be dampened first. Never use a product around the eye area unless it is specifically for use on the eyes, the skin around the eye is much finer so using heavier facial products can create drag on the skin, cause puffiness, dark circles and premature ageing. The eye area is more prone to dehydration and eye care products are designed to combat this.

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False Lashes

Have you noticed that all the stars and models have fantastic long lashes? And all the advertisements for lengthening or volume mascaras don’t look like natural lashes either? Well that is because they have false lashes, it is amazing how you can make them look really natural too. There are four types of lashes:

Full strip lashes – applied to the upper eye lid on the eyelash line, easy to remove and can usually be used more than once.

Half strip lashes – these are applied to the outer half of the upper eye lid and are often more fantasy lashes, longer to the outer eye to give a widening effect to the eye.

individual lashes can also be used for a temporary effect Individual lashes – approximately ten fine strands either with or without a bulb, these are applied with a stronger glue to the lashes only, these are semi-permanent and can last up to four weeks, depending how you treat them. Offered at most salons and look great. In the photo, individual lashes have been applied using regular strip lash glue for a temporary effect, they can then be applied to the skin right at the roots of the lashes, great to thicken and lengthen your own for that special occasion and look more natural than strip lashes. Click here for a closer look, do they look false to you?

Single lashes – separate lashes applied directly to the lashes, much more difficult to apply and special training is required, not all salons offer these, they are much more expensive, but are more natural looking as if they are your own.

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Beauty Advertise Your Salon Here
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Beauty Advertise Your Salon Here
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Permanent Make-up

Coming soon.

Hair removal

Coming soon.

Specialised waxing

Coming soon.

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Tanning and SPF

Your SPF Guide
Your skin will burn in the sun after x minutes exposure depending on your skin type.

SPF30 gives you 30 times x minutes exposure.

e.g. if your skin burns after 10 minutes in the sun, times that by 30 and you are able to stay in the sun for 300 minutes (5 hours), then you would need to re-apply your sun screen.

SPF15 will give you 15 times the protection, 150 minutes (only 2 and a half hours) then you would need to re-apply.

The good weather brings everyone outside, it is so tempting to sit out and catch those few and far between sun rays before they disappear! The sun can be very damaging to your skin and health if you overdose with the exposure, leading to sun burn, sun stroke and it causes premature ageing. To get your perfect natural tan, look after your skin and take it slow. The slower you tan, the longer it will last. Always protect your skin with an SPF (sun protection factor) suitable for the length of time you are going to be out in the sun, the higher the factor, the longer you can be in the sun without having to re-apply your sun screen. Children's sun screen is higher so that you do not have to apply as often, they may be in the sun for quite a few hours playing. The table explains how SPF works and gives an example, a higher SPF will not stop your skin tanning unless it is a total block, it only stops your skin becoming damaged from burning. A total block would need re-applying determined by the SPF as your regular sun screen would.

UVA and UVB rays are what we are exposed to, UVB burn the upper layer of the skin while the UVA go deeper into the dermis and cause the long term damage. The chemical reaction in the body and dehydration are what cause the sun stroke, drinking plenty of water and wearing a hat will help to prevent this. Although the sun can be harmful, it is necessary for the production of vitamin D, this is needed for the body to absorb calcium. In order for the body to produce vitamin D, the skin needs to be exposed to the sun without a sun screen on. According the the NHS web site, between 10 and 15 minutes in the UK summer sun, without sunscreen several times a week is probably a safe balance between adequate vitamin D levels and any risk of skin cancer, also the more skin that is exposed, the more vitamin D will be produced with less exposure. Sun beds do not have this affect, they are generally high powered UVA rays only and it is the UVB rays that are needed for the body to produce vitamin D.

For a long lasting tan, pre-holiday treatment or to maintain your tan exfoliation is the key. Before exposure you need to use a body scrub to remove your dead skin cells, many salons offer pre-holiday treatments that include full body and a facial with a rich moisturising massage to feed the skin. Alternatively, you can re-create the treatment yourself at home, if your legs are really dry, body scrub and put a thick layer of body lotion on and wrap in cling film, leave on for half an hour and you will really feel the difference! Remember to exfoliate once or twice a week to keep up the process and once you begin to tan you need to continue so that it is your newer cells that are tanning.

Sun-less Tanning

Are you longing for some sunshine and good weather? What you need is a lift to give you back that healthy glow! There are many products for giving that sun-kissed look, whether you just want a hint of a colour or a beach look tan, self tan is also a great way of improving the appearance of cellulite, evening out your skin tone and it is amazing how much slimmer you can look which a little colour! Now how will you know which one to choose? You can either check out Reviews to see how other rate off the shelf products or you could go to a salon for a self tanning treatment. Whether it be a cream or air brushing, most Beauty Salons offer this service as well as some Mobile Beauty Therapists. Remember, if you are applying self tan yourself at home, always exfoliate well first!

Preparation & How to Apply Self Tan Cream or Lotion
1. Have a bath or shower – you will notice that the dead upper layer of skin has soaked up water and as you dry yourself with a towel you skin flakes off!

2. Exfoliate your whole body using a body scrub. Give the knees, ankles, toes, back of the hands and elbows an extra going over. Use a facial scrub or peel on the face and neck. Rinse well and dry.

3. If you still have very dry areas add a little light body lotion to these areas only.

4. It is a good idea to use latex or nitrile gloves while doing the whole body, you can finish off with the arms and hands last – this will stop your palms becoming soaked in self tan and turning orange.

5. Starting with the legs, apply the size of a walnut to the palm, spread over both palms and apply to the shin area in sweeping circular movements to cover the front and round the back to the calf, smooth down over the top of the feet, then up over the knee – don’t massage into the feet and knees too much. Bring up to the top of the leg, apply more if necessary and cover the thigh and bottom in the same way. It is up to you how far you would like to take the tan but do be carful at the top of the inner thigh! Repeat with the other leg.

6. Apply in the same way over the stomach and chest, taking the tan around the sides and up over the shoulders.

7. The most difficult area to do yourself is your back (this is why a spray can be more easy to apply), you can pretty much reach most, do as much of the lower back and as much of the shoulders as you can, if you have a loofah or a brush for back washing you can use this for the middle with a latex glove over so that the effect will be the same – or ask someone to help.

8. While doing the face and neck don’t go over the eyebrows or near the hairline, these areas grab the colour as it is not so easy to remove excess while massaging in. Only use the size of a large pea amount, smooth in finger tips and over face and neck, once applied you can smooth towards the hairline and eyebrows so you have no large ‘white’ patches.

9. Next the arms, roll the gloves down to the wrists so that you can cover up to the hands, apply the same amount for the lower leg, spread in palms and apply to one arm with one hand and the other arm with the other hand – avoid the elbows initially, massage into the outer part of the arm but only smooth over the inner as this is naturally lighter.

10. Last but not least the hands, remove the gloves and apply a little of the self tan, as for the face, to the finder tips only, smooth over the backs of the hands and down the fingers. You can use a damp wash cloth to remove the self tan from the finger tips without removing it from the rest of the hands!

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Total Relaxation

Are you stressed, do you get a lot of tension in your neck and shoulders, do you often ache when you wake? Perhaps it is time you had some ‘me time’ to help you feel more like yourself again. There are many treatments you can have at Beauty Salons and Health Spas, see the Therapies page for more specialised treatments, here are a few others.

Luxury Manicures & Pedicures – these often include exfoliation and massage.

Facial Treatments – from a basic skin care routine in 25 minutes to intensive 1 and a half hour treatments.

Body Massage – from a basic Swedish massage, either back, neck and shoulder or full body to deep tissue sport and fitness massage.

If you want to feel totally pampered you could have more than one treatment and some actually do half or full days of beauty including lunch! Or you could bring the Spa to your own home and have a mobile Beauty Therapist visit your home. Many of the packages include discounts on the treatments too.

Body Detoxifying

Coming soon.

Fat Busting, Inch-loss & Anti-Cellulite Treatments

Diet – It is not a bad thing to not believe in ‘dieting’, but healthy and balanced eating habits are a good thing to get into. The body needs nutrients, vitamins and minerals from all food groups and, unless you have an intolerance for a particular type, cutting out certain staple foods can cause more harm than good, when you stop the diet your body doesn't know whether it is coming or going creating more imbalance. If you are worried about how certain foods are affecting you, speak to your doctor, it may be that you need to consult with a dietician but remember there are many factors that affect your body and make it function less efficiently – stress can play a huge part!

Exercise – Even if you are not a particularly energetic person, exercise of some form is necessary to keep the body functioning. Experts will always change their minds about what is good and what is not, to the point of not knowing what to believe. Walking is simple enough and most people can manage a few steps a day. The regular movement stimulates all the working systems in the body, increasing the heart rate, working muscle groups gently. The reason exercise is important if you are wanting to lose weight is because the body will always hold on to its fat reserves longer and reduces muscle mass first, working muscles and exercising stops this from happening and you are more likely to lose fat.

Detoxify – Toxins have a tendency to surround fat cells making it much more difficult to lose weight, especially in those stubborn areas. Eating certain foods, exercising, dry skin brushing and massage all improve the systems of the body which in turn help to eliminate the toxin build up making you feel healthier, drink plenty of water to ‘flush’ out your system and rehydrate your body.

Dry Skin Brushing – There are 2 systems running side by side round your body, the blood system and the lymphatic system, in basic one feeds every living cell throughout the body and the other removes dead cells and waste from the body. Dry skin brushing is done working towards the heart to the entire body, it helps to stimulate both these systems and should be done every day prior to showering in the morning. It can feel a little uncomfortable when you first begin to do this as the natural short bristles are quite firm, it helps to remove the upper dead layer of skin also but not effective enough on its own for exfoliation. Many of these brushes come with a long handle so that you can manage to do your own back, they are not to be used in the shower, it is dry skin brushing and the bristles will lose their firmness if used for washing. Dry skin brushing helps to reduce cellulite, by improving the lymphatic system it promotes the removal of toxins that build up in the body. Some Therapists and Salons incorporate this into their treatments. The best ones to use have a removable handle, the handle is only necessary for doing your back as it is easier to hold the actual head of the brush for applying the right pressure and manoeuvring.

Starting at the feet, in brisk circular movements, work up the legs paying particular attention to the problem areas, use lighter pressure on sensitive areas and avoid any areas with broken skin, rashes or extensive bruising. Brush up the body, the hands and arms always working towards the heart, up your back but down from the neck.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Beauty)

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Q. What can I do to stop my nervous/stress habit of gnawing at the skin around my fingers, I am making my already mistreated hands even worse? (Jenny in Batley)
A. Really not sure, I do the same til they are sore. I do find that if I use an emery board to buff off the hard skin I don't do it so much. Hope this helps! (Louise xx)

Q. Are nails more vulnerable to splitting at this time of year? I have weak nails and have been using Mavala nail strengthener since last summer with good results, but just lately they have started splitting again and are very brittle. (Sue via Facebook)
A. Is it a strengthener or hardener, sometimes these products initially make nails stronger but with continued use can make the nail brittle too, they are great for short term use (a month only) but they also need some nourishment. You could try taking royal jelly capsules - they are good for skin, hair & nails, also massage almond oil into the nail and cuticles every day. Once nails have developed brittle it isn't easy to make them better but they will start to grow healthier. (Louise xx)

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