Alternative Therapy

Beauty is not only skin deep, it is all about the total well being of a person, hence “The Complete You”. There are many treatments that promote healing and wellbeing that you can now get it many Beauty Salons as well as exclusive Spas. Some of these therapies are offered at most good Beauty Salons but they may only have one qualified practitioner, here are a few:

Sports, Holistic & Beauty Therapy

Spa Therapies

Reflexology – Working entirely on the feet, each part of the foot represents the parts of the body.

Body Massage – from a basic Swedish massage, either back, neck and shoulder or full body to deep tissue sport and fitness massage.

Aromatherapy – using specific essentiel oils for their natural healing properties combined in a carrier oil, a relaxing massage either back, neck and shoulder or full body is given.

Indian Head Massage

Hot Stone Therapy

Full Body Wraps


This is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy, an energy that is all around us, this treatment is an ancient art originally a well kept secret of the Reiki Masters. There is no belief system attached to Reiki and it is not necessary to have any particular knowledge for this to work, only the desire to be healed. A full treatment usually takes one to one and a half hours. The treatment is usually given with the recipient laid down but if a person is not able to then it can be given in a sitting position. It is either done by the laying on or hovering over with the hands to let the energy work with the body's natural healing wisdom.

Reiki can be used on animals and plants as well as yourself, when learning, the Reiki Master will teach a sequence of hand positions to do this. This would be a two to four consecutive day course for First Degree Reiki offered by a Reiki Master.

It is possible to heal, or return to a state of balance, the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Acute injuries or problems involving current circumstances or happenings can often be helped to heal very quickly although Chronic illness or long term conditions may take more time. Reiki can also enhance the quality of life where terminal illness has been diagnosed giving the recipient a sense of peace and acceptance during the time remaining. It can also be used to support medical treatment as in speeding up the recovery from surgery or even in advance of surgery.

The above content was taken from The Reiki Association leaflet, received following a Reiki treatment. See my Review on Reiki.

Colour Therapy

Bring the Spa into your own home! Bring our Mediterranean Spa into your World!
Temple Spa’s passion is anti-ageing skincare, aromatherapy and spa treatments that replenish, revive and love to treat people very well.
Why not host a Skincare or Spa Therapy Class in the privacy of your own home? One of our friendly Lifestyle Consultants would love to come and assess your skin’s needs and prescribe beautiful spa treatments and skincare for you or a group of your friends. To host a no obligation class, and receive a free spa gift, contact:
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Temple Spa
Another therapy relying on energy, this energy is reflected by the colours of the spectrum. Colours have varying effects dependent on the depth of colour and tone, each with its own specific property. These are a few of the basic colours and what they relate to:

Red – strength and energy

Orange – warming and energy

Yellow – stimulates the intellect an has cheering effect

Green – balance and calming

Blue – cooling, soothing and truth

Indigo – mystery and stimulates the intellect

Violet – creativity and emotions

Too much of any colour can have a detrimental effect, however, it is a good idea to balance your life with varying colours, adding more of one when you need it.

More about Colour Therapy coming soon!

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Life Coaching

Coming soon!

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